Animation TV is a Black-owned animation streaming network founded by husband-and-wife Jermaine & Whaketa Hargrove. Animation TV is the 1st and only streaming platform in the world that distributes all aspects of animation culture. Digital comics, animated music videos and animated reality shows are just a sample of the unique animation content that will be streamed on our animation platform. Animation TV has thousands of hours of original content, with new content uploaded regularly. Such as the highly anticipated diabetic superhero movie Gumshe: The Type 1 Protector, Faith based series The Sunday Schoolers, Animate My Life, Welcome to Gamerville, Princess Tatenda and the award-winning series Shelly the Dancing Spider.
Animation TV is also the only animation streaming platform that uses a portion of the monthly revenue to fund scholarships for students in underserved communities.We are using our animation network and exclusive content to bring awareness to diversity in the animation industry. With our global distribution pipeline, we will amplify the voices that sometimes go unheard, illuminate the talents that sometimes go unseen, and express the stories that sometimes go untold.
Animation TV has partnered with some of the biggest names in the animation industry. Animation TV will translate animation culture into real world value by tapping into the Metaverse and NFTs as a feature on the platform. Our platform is free with an ad generated video on demand model. Animation TV is available globally on all major platforms including iOS, TVOS, Android, Android TV,and Web with more platforms to come.